Worcester MishMash welcomes you

Worcester (UK) is a big town / small city and is crammed with talented musicians, artists, lovely people and a place the loves it’s surroundings. Because of this, we have created Worcester MishMash to help entertain the lovely people with lashings of fun in the form of comedy, musical comedy, comic poetry, silly acts that make folks laugh from the list of variety acts.
So why not smile a while with Worcester MishMash.

Why MishMash?
This is a picture of the lad who inspired the name. He’s the happy-chappy that, like Worcester folk, welcomes all with a smile and shares his ‘silly’. That’s what MishMash does.

Keep the MishMash happy – come to a show and go home with a smile.

So, if you’re a venue (we list The Chestnut Tree Inn, The Dragon Inn and others), or an artist (we have a load and more coming on board) or want to see one of the list of variety acts with our lot in, fill in the “Contact Me“.

MishMash invites you to a fun evening with a variety of acts:

Where next? When next? What artists are we gonna get for you?

Where next?

£10 tickets MishMash

A great evening, thanks, I really enjoyed myself and with the diversity of acts everyone was happier when they left.